Tips For Making Your Home Stand Out on Find vacation home rentals

Tips For Making Your Home Stand Out on Find vacation home rentals

Find vacation home rentals surprised everyone with it's rapid growth in a very short span of time, and it continues to expand across the world, and offer new opportunities to those looking for a side hustle.

Even Real estate investors are coming on board as a serious way to build their income and portfolios. Everyone wants to know how to get the most out of Find vacation home rentals.

There are two ways you can get more from your listing, photographing and staging your rental! By staging before you take great photos, you can make your rental more attractive to more renters! Great photos are essential to getting great bookings. Great photos of your vacation rentals is a low-hanging fruit that many hosts are not taking advantage of. Great photos start with great staging!

Staging your rental, and optimizing your listing is a great way to get the most renters, and the most money out of your Find vacation home rental listing. Knowing the basics of how to stage and how to list your rental can lead to some serious cash flow!

Deciding What To Stage In Your Find vacation home rentals
Staging your rental is a great way to make your Find vacation home rentals investment more attractive to more tenants. The more eyes that your rental listing gets the easier it is to get more bookings. When staging your rental you need to know what feature of the rental people wants to know the most about.

This all depends on the layout of your Find vacation home rentals listing. If you are offering a guest house, you should plan to stage and photograph the entire rental space. If your rental is based more on a spare room, and a shared bathroom these should be staged and photographed to perfection!

When it comes to Find vacation home rentals any feature you list, should also be photographed. This helps more possible renters know what to expect from your space and can attract more clients. You should always make sure to stage any high-interest feature in your listings, such as if it has beach access, pools, indoor gym, and security features.

You can also ask previous clients what they liked most about your property so you can make sure that those features and reviews are included in your listing.

By adding these features you can make possible customers more comfortable in your listing, and more confident that your listing has everything they need. Once you know what to stage, you can begin the staging process.

How to Stage Your Bedroom with Find vacation home rentals
Staging the bedroom will ultimately be the most important part of your listing. For those looking to book on Find vacation home rentals, they want to know exactly what the room looks like and how big of a space they will have.

For those looking to get top dollar for their investments, your room should be spacious, and be trendy. There are easy ways to update your space, such as painting the room a soft neutral color, white and grays see high returns and are attractive to renters.

When staging your bedroom in your listing always go with a monochromatic color scheme (such as white) that pair nicely with different textures. Simple decorations, such as mirrors can add texture to a room, and make your bedroom look bigger.

With a neutral color to your wall, and white blankets and pillows, you can add focal points with pops of color. A well-placed throw pillow in the center of the bed is a great way to make your bed look larger and a focal feature.

Add textures and pops of colors to make your space seem more spacious, such as throw rugs, headboards nightstands, and lamps. By mixing matching colors and textures you will build a cohesive space that will look more relaxing to your possible tenants. Using modern prints will help your bedroom look more modern and attractive to tenants.

After you stage your rental you need to make sure you properly stage and photograph the bathroom your tenants will be using.

How To Stage a Bathroom with Find vacation home rentals
Too many hosts overlook the bathroom in their listing. This is a big mistake, as possible renters want to know where they will shower if it is shared and what they are getting in their rental.

When it comes to staging your bathroom simple is always better. You want to focus on lighting, amenities, and locations!

Hard money lenders in Phoenix suggest simple upgrades can make it easier for you to rent your space. Such as adding daylight bulbs to brighten your space. Sheer curtains will also lighten your space and make it look bigger.

Daylight bulbs can dramatically improve your space. Clean, crisp light transforms a bathroom. Windows with sheer curtains can make rooms look bigger than ever.

Make sure to include fresh white towels in your bathroom, and even a few objects can make your bathroom feel like a mini-oasis. Go the extra mile for your renters and include a mini-amenity station with trial sizes of shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes and more.

Make sure your bathroom has an attractive color, with cool tones being more trendy right now than others. You can then add small features, such as a succulent plant in the window to draw the renter’s eye.

How To Stage Additional Rooms For Your Guests
If you really want to make your listing pop, make sure you take time to stage and photograph all the rooms of your rental. For guests, photographing the living room, kitchen and outdoor spaces is a must!

In your living room, you want to make your space look clean, but welcoming. You can do this in a variety of different ways! The takeaway for making your listing pop is to let in as much light as you can, add textures, and add color in creative ways. Decorative pillows, and textures blankets draped carefully on furniture can add a contrast to a room the pulls the renters eyes in. Don’t be afraid of letting your personality shine through, and hang your prints and decorations in appealing ways.Add a pop of color with creative centerpieces, plants or even lay out your knick-knacks in odd groups in various corners of your room!

When You go to stage your kitchen, making space for your guests will make them feel more comfortable. You can do this by having a designated ‘guest section’ of your rental. Whether a coffee bar or a minifridge or snack center in you pantry where they can find and use your kitchen, without feeling like they are rummaging through your fridge. By adding a coffee bar in your kitchen for renters to use can flood your inbox with requests. You can photograph your kitchen in use by photographing hot cups of coffee, or freshly poured wine glasses!

Add some bowls of fresh fruit and decorative plants to liven your space and make it pop!

Also make sure to properly stage and photograph all the amenities you offer, such as a snack bar, or pool. These are great selling features for your guests and photos speak volumes to potential renters!

How To Photograph and Optimize Your Rental
Before you start to take any photographs of your rental, make sure it is clean from top to bottom. This includes vacuuming, wiping down baseboards, cleaning windows and mirrors. All surfaces should be dusted, and messy rental rooms will scare away renters.

When you are done cleaning your rental, grab your step-stool. When you go to take photographs of your rental, you should take them from eye level as higher as this gives renters a better view of your space. Wide angles will also make your space look bigger and more appealing.

Photograph your rooms in the day, preferably during peak hours, such as 12 PM-4 PM as this is when light naturally comes into your rooms. Photos that are too dark will be less attractive to renters, and brightening photos afterward may diminish the photo quality. Make sure any area you photograph is lit properly, taken at eye level or higher, and matches what you put in your listing.

When you go to list your property with Find vacation home rentals you want to make sure you optimize it for more views. We can do this by eliminating minimum and maximum stay requirements, offering more amenities (such as being pet-friendly) and offer some stellar customer service. Simply sending an email thanking a guest for booking will garner you more attention. Adding a profile photo can help you get more bookings as well. Make sure you carefully write and outline your rental to clarify your listing.

With a staged rental, coupled with an optimized listing, and great photos, your rental will pick up like never before!

People rent with their eyes, and having a properly staged and photographed on Find vacation vacation home rentals is a great way to make sure you get more renters. If staged properly, a rental will be inviting and relaxing to bookers. Staging your space comes down to simple, modern updates, with touches of color and textures. You can sell luxury in any space by adding little touches to your listing, such as crisp white towels, or a mint on a bed.

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