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Connecticut is the twenty-ninth most populous state in the US. Connecticut is a unique destination with rich legacy, scenic beauty, eateries and nightlife. The sate is divided into five major regions—Litchfield Hills, Fairfield County, Connecticut River Valley, Mystic-Eastern and Greater New Haven. It is encircled by major destinations in all directions—New York on the west, Rhode Island on the east, Massachusetts on the north and Long Island Sound on the south. Connecticut has humid continental climate, it is plentiful of beaches, gardens, parks, various kinds of forests, aquariums, museums etc. It is an excellent spot for tourists to relish their vacations. For their accommodations, there are numerous kinds of vacation home rentals in Connecticut —condos, villas, cottages, cabins and chalets.


The best time to visit Connecticut is from first week of May to last week of October. The temperature remains moderate and there are the least chances of rainfall and snowfall during this time, .


During autumn season, its natural features become evergreen and colorful. It is the autumn season that enables this destination to occupy the top positions in vacationer's itineraries. On top of it, it is a chief hub of literary history and glaring man-made attractions.


Connecticut is equipped with many natural and man-made attractions and those have become the apple of most vacationer's eyes which includes the following:

Gillette Castle State Park: This castle is one-off it's kind and is popularly known to be the dwell of a well known actor William Hooker Gillette. It resembles a medieval fortress from the outside. The interiors of the castle features hand-hewn woodwork. The walking trails comprise wooden trestles and arched bridges. The spring and summer are the best seasons to have spectacular view of this popular park when it blooms to its pinnacle.

Wadsworth Falls State Park: This Park is certainly one of the most beautiful attractions in the state. The falls lie at a distance of just 1.25 mile from the main entrance of the park. It is surrounded by thick agroforestry. It is a good place for vacationers to enjoy water sports activities and picnic.

Old Saybrook: Old Saybrook is one of the most beautiful and the oldest place in the state. It is very close to Harvey’s Beach where vacationers can enjoy a Mini-Golf game and can spend a relaxing day. This beach is surrounded by both breathtaking landscapes and scenery. It is a very tranquil and peaceful place for vacationers to cool their engines.

Lake Compounce: Family Theme Park: This is the oldest park in the US and attributes a 1911 carousel and a 1927 wooden roller coaster. It features wave pools, a mini coaster and water slides. The most engrossing thing about it is that it suppliments the experience of the tourist's all kinds of rides to tourists and games.

Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History: The most attractive features of Yale University is the Yale Peabody Museum. It has a collection of antiques that are related Sioux, Roman, Greek, Hopi, Pima, Navaho, Crow, Zuni, Cheyenne, Blackfoot and Apache traditions. An Egyptian mummy is placed in its exhibit area. It is a major attraction to both kids and adults. Those, who are from a history background, will find this place very effective.


The beaches are always the best place to chillax in Connecticut. Some of the frequently visited ones include the following:

Waterford Beach Park: This beach is popularly known for sandy hills, dune systems and tidal marshes. There are many public facilities been provided here for the convenience of tourists such as fishing permits, picnic areas, restrooms, walkways and tennis court.

McCook Point Beach and Park: Located in East Lyme, this beach is an amazing place for tourists to relax and rest. In addition, it has a boardwalks, picnic area, restrooms and a walking trail. Swimming and Sunbathing are popular activities in this beach.

Sherwood Island State Park:This Park has NYC skyline and Connecticut’s September 11 Living Memorial. For visitors, it has bathhouses, restrooms, drinking fountains and first-aid station. The enjoyable activities include scuba, hiking, diving, bird watching, etc.

Silver Sands State Park: This place is a long beach with white silvery sand all around. Tourists will relish swimming, strolling, bird watching and picnicking. Coastal birds such as ospreys and egrets can been seen here quite often.


Visitors can easily reach Connecticut without much hassle. It is connected by air, ports, roads and railways. The major international airports located here are Meriden Airport, Bradley International Airport,Tweed New Haven Regional Airport and Sikorsky Mem'l Airport.


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